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Finques Niu, What is a Shared Sale Authorization

PublicadaFebrero 27, 2024
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“When you order the sale of a property to an exclusive real estate agency, you entrust this task to a single real estate agent.
IN APIALIA we go further and work with exclusive shared ”


When the owner of the property signs an exclusive contract shared with the APIALIA agency, it only has a direct and personal relationship with this real estate agent, but the property can actually be sold by any of the APIALIA real estate agents, which are permanently connected through an online system, In other words, if an APIALIA group has 10 real estate agencies, all of them will work to be able to sell their house faster, not only is it limited to a single agency, but also to all the group's real estate agencies.


He has a house and wants to sell it, decides to make exclusive shared and take it to Niu farms, it will be the same who will call him to inform him of visits, offers related to his home and will watch over his interests, the other real estate agents that work his house will inform Finques Niu of the visits they have and Finques Niu will be your trusted real estate agent who will inform you at all times of the progress made in the sale of your home
Our goal is to be able to meet your needs as soon as possible, because we are competent if we can work together with your service.

Don't think about it now it is easier to sell your house.

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